Pylon Sign Boards

Pylon Sign Board in Bangalore

Pylon Sign Boards

Pylon Sign Boards are huge structured vertical panels that are usually present in front of the companies, gas stations, parking lots etc. They are also known as totem signs. These signages are illuminated with logos and branding. LED signs can also be used on these totem boards. It is very attractive which in turn converts a passerby to walk-in customer. These display boards are typically present in industrial areas, airports, gas stations, IT parks etc. We are expertised in implementing and installing these totem signs across Bangalore, Karnataka.

Why use Pylon Signs?

The pylon signs are very attractive and hence draws attention towards the business. Our skilled and experienced installers are certain to deploy the pylon sign boards in a perfect manner. The pylon signs are an innovative form of advertising at site. It is also a perfect promotional tool for shopping malls.

Pylon Sign Boards installation steps we follow;

  • Understand your requirement
  • Examine the ground and site where the totem signs are installed
  • Designing Layout
  • Time required to implement
  • Install at site
  • Maintenance

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