Backlit Signboards

A brilliant promotional strategy adopted by many companies is the usage of backlit sign boards. It is a form of illumination used in LCDs. The main purpose of these sign boards is to display the company name or branding in an attractive way. It also is used for promotion, advertising as well as branding purposes. Irrespective of its benefits, its most important role is to be visible and get noticed to whom the message needs to be conveyed.

The best way to get your sign board noticed

There are many factors which help the backlit sign boards to get noticed. This includes the print and the sign on the signboard, the visuals, the message as well as the location where it is placed. Placement of the signboard is the most crucial aspect. Even if the message and images are prominent, if the board is placed in a closed area or behind plantations, it is not going to get noticed. LED signs are also an attractive way of displaying the company name. Another important aspect is big and bold lettering to make the content on the board readable.

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Illuminating it with a backlight makes a tremendous impact on the sign boards. It helps the signboard to stand out. Backlit signs are one of the most popular illuminating options. It works by lighting up from behind the graphic with the help of a stationary light source. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and illuminates brilliantly wherever placed.

The backlit sign boards have major components like printed graphics, messages and the lightbox for the light source like fluorescent, LED or edge-lit LED.  The effectiveness of these sign boards would be in their placement, the graphics and their size.

We expertise in developing professional backlit sign boards for your business and promotional requirements. We offer ideas and designs based on your requirements.

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